November 2020

International Dental Sleep & Snoring Medicine Certification Conference

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About the IDSSMC

French Sleep Dental Society will provide dentists during the IDSSMC Conference/workshops with the most up-to-date information, procedures and technology for screening, diagnosis and treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea in a dental practice, and prepare participants to obtain their international certification in Sleep & Snoring Medicine.

By attending this conference and workshop you will be gaining the following knowledge:

  • Screening of patients for sleep disorders as a regular part of your examination
  • Building an interdisciplinary relationship with the sleep physician
  • Recognizing the types and applications of oral appliances used for sleep disorders
  • And finally deciding whether sleep dentistry should become part of your practice and if yes when and how

This conference /workshops will complete your continuing education requirements, it focuses on a complete spectrum of topics that will ensure your ability to begin implementing this in your practice immediately.

  • Signs / Symptoms of an airway problem in your existing patients.
  • Diagnostic sleep testing, sleep disorders and sleep study review.
  • Oral appliance options, bite registration techniques.
  • Medical/legal protocols for treatment, documentation as well as the Medicare & medical insurance billing process.

Attending the conference and workshops will provide you an opportunity to obtain an International certification by the French Sleep Dental Society through examination, This is open to all applicants who are permanent holder at a minimum, a dental degree (DDS or DMD) or its equivalent, and an active unrestricted license to practice dentistry in their country.

"Why do you need this certification?"

  • Gain credibility with your patients.
  • Gain more confidence in the diagnostic and treatment of sleep apnea.
  • Gain confidence and knowledge in using snoring appliances.
  • Expand your network in Snoring treatment.
  • Assist your registration and licensing as a sleep dental doctor.

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Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Evaluation

November 2020
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Introduction for sleep

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Dr Darius Abedipour

Co-founder of the Somnoforum international congress Member of the French dental & sleep society

Adult’s Sleep And Snoring

Sleep quality and indicators of disturbed sleep.
Main causes of sleep disturbances on adults and children
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Pr Michel Christian Ouayoun

Head of department of ENT Renee muret


Airway evaluation In clinical Practice

Physical examination
Dental evaluation
Nasal evaluation
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Dr. Pierre Elchater

Member of the French dental & sleep society

Home & Inpatient Sleep Studies

How to read the results
Choice of treatment
Brizzy Analysis
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Dr. Pierre Elchater

Member of the French dental & sleep society

Update in Oral Appliance Therapy

How it works
How to manage
Long term effects
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Dr Darius Abedipour

Co-founder of the Somnoforum international congress Member of the French dental & sleep society


Training – Workshop

The work shop is done by small groups of 5 practitioners, a planning training will be given and each participan will book a day for his training.

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How to manage in practice?
Examining for sleep disordered breathing
Reading and evaluation of a home sleep test : brizzy
Insertion and adjustment of an oral appliance / practical training


Each participant will have an opportunity to take one sleep test one for free and one oral appliance for free
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Dr. Pierre Elchater

Member of the French dental & sleep society
Speakers from around the world

Professional event speakers


The certification examination is comprised of THIRTY (30) multiple choice questions and 3 cases report done completely

For the multiple choice the Applicants are allowed (1) hours to complete the examination.

The examination tests applicants is on :

  • Airway anatomy and physiology
  • Adult and pediatric sleep medicine
  • Oral appliance therapy
  • The candidate have 6 month to present a written 3 case report , treated by oral appliance with the result

For the case report :

  • The following information must be reported on the template for each of the cases:
  • Patient age at time of initial oral appliance insertion
  • Patient date of birth
  • Patient gender + vital signs
  • Date of the initial visit
  • Date of appliance insertion
  • Pre- and post-treatment sleep studies
  • Oral appliance design choosen
  • The following documentation must be included for each case:
  • Copy of the pre-treatment with sleep study
  • Copy of the post-treatment with sleep study

Examination Results

Applicants are informed of a passing score or a failing score via mail.
Actual scores, regardless of the results, will not be provided.
Results are not available by telephone.
Information regarding the number of applicants who passed or failed the examination will not be provided.

Board Of Directors 2017–2018

Academic director Paris Dr. Michel Ouayoun MD
Academic director Lyon Dr Darius Abedipour
International director Dr Pierre El Chater MD
Trainer - Dr. Matthieu Gabriele.

Application Fee

Application Fee: 6000 DH LAST MONTH
For early registration 5300 DH before November 2020

Refunds and Withdrawals

FSDS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CASE ONLY 1600 DH will be refunded to the applicant.
Please Add Some Pictures Of Snoring I Will Attach Some Examples

Conference attendance only 950

Conference plus workshops and certification examination 6000
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